Traffic Guidelines

Safety First for Children

Thank you for helping us keep our students safe by observing all of the traffic signs on Parkdale Avenue and by driving carefully during the busy morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times.

Traffic Guidelines

Please be sure to utilize the 3 minute passenger loading zone areas located on the north (by double gates) and south (in front of staff parking lot) sides of the front of the school:

  1. Pull all the way to the front of the zone to enable the maximum amount of cars to enter the loading zone.
  2. Quickly drop off or pick up your student at the curb.
  3. Navigate safely back into traffic.

Please remember these traffic laws:

  1. U-turns are unsafe and unlawful on Parkdale Ave in front of the school.
  2. Parking is not allowed in front of driveways including the large driveway at the front double gates.  Neighbors who call the school with this problem are advised to call San Diego Police.  
  3. Double parking is unsafe and illegal for loading/unloading people.
  4. Speed limit in a school zone is 25 mph when children are present.
  5. Use the crosswalk when walking across the street.
  6. Use handicap spaces only if you have a visibly displayed disabled card/plate on your vehicle.
  7. The school bus zone are restricted for bus use only.
  8. Please allow a 30 foot buffer zone when stopping for the crosswalk.

Less Cars Less Traffics

Suggestions to avoid traffic congestion:

  1. Meet your student on a different street or corner a couple of blocks from the school.
  2. Create a car pool.
  3. Have your student walk or bike to school.
  4. Allow extra time in inclement weather.
  5. The visitor and staff parking lots are off limits for dropping off and picking up students due to unsafe conditions.

Help Us Be A Good Neighbor

  1. Please do not honk.  Your student will notice you.
  2. Please respect other people's property.
  3. Take your bottles, cans, and trash to put in a proper receptacle.
  4. Be patient and courteous.

More guideline and student safety tips are located at this link.

If you need to report a traffic problem at the front of the school, you may call SDUSD School Police at 619-291-7678.  San Diego Police may be called for other traffic issues at their non-emergency line at 619‑531‑2000 or 858-484-3154.  For problems with traffic light timing, etc., please contact the Street Division for the City of San Diego.    

Thank you for helping us maintain a safe and orderly campus for your children.

 Help Us Be A Good Neighbor

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