CATS Program

Cheetah Leaping

Community -Your community can be your neighborhood, family, friends, school, businesses, libraries, parks, etc. Do your best to make it safe, caring and clean. It starts with you!
*Be Caring   *Be Responsible

Attitude -You are in charge of your attitude each day. You can choose to react to a situation positively or negatively. The choice is up to you!
*Have Fun   *Be Positive

Tolerance -The world is made up of all different kinds of people. Wouldn't it be a boring place if we were all the same? Strive to respect, accept, and learn from each other!
*Be Compassionate   *Be Accepting

Scholarship -Always do your best and take pride in anything and everything you do. Push yourself above and beyond people's (and your own) expectations of yourself. If you always do your best, you will have no regrets. Autograph everything you do with excellence!
*Explore Your World   *Learn New Things

The CATS Program encompasses a variety of items we already do at Challenger such as using student planners for organization and structure. Our Wellness Committee takes the lead on how to bring our entire community, including students, parents and staff, together.

Advisory - This fifteen minute class allows us to take care of school business without impacting instruction time. The Advisory Committee works with the Wellness Committee to create lessons around mindfulness, character education, cultural awareness, with ASB sponsoring fun school spirit activities during this period.

Quote of the Week - You can be a part of our community by reading the quotation posted on our home page. It is read to and reflected upon by our advisory classes weekly. The selected quote often corresponds to the character education lesson.

CATS Tickets - Students are recognized for behavior which follows the CATS philosophy. PBIS will draw from names periodically to reward those students with prizes.


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